4 Reasons Plastic Slipcovers are Good

Just as you use a cover to protect your mattress, you should do the same for all your furniture. Furniture can be a large investment, so why not extend its life as long as possible? That large red wine stain will otherwise bother you for years

2. Helps Keep Pet Hair off

We are always searching for ways to keep Fluffy’s hair and dander off the sofa, and plastic slipcovers for chairs are the best idea we’ve seen. Forget about useless lint brushes that clogup or tape rollers that are hard to peel. Plastic slipcovers for furniture are the perfect solution

3. Helps Resale Value

As buying and selling vintage furniture has risen in popularity over the years, people are starting to realize the benefits of keeping their furniture in mint condition. Vintage Sellers Weekly estimates that a good clear plastic cover can increase the value of a sofa by as much as 40% upon resale. That’s money you’re otherwise just throwing away.

4. Lets You Enjoy The Look of Your Furniture

Unlike traditional slipcovers, the clear plastic slipcovers lets you enjoy your furniture’s design. You wouldn’t want to wear a shapeless linen sack out of the house, so why put your sofa through a similar experience? Let its clean lines and color shine through!

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